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GOFRA Manufacturing Group
Modern Corrugated Packaging

Solutions on packaging, protection, grouping, marking and promotion of consumer goods.

Corrugated cardboard: manufacturing, trade

GOFRA Manufacturing Group LLC is one of the successful and developing companies on the Russian market among manufacturers and suppliers of corrugated board transport packaging.
Own production facilities to manufacture corrugated packaging, use of the up-to-date technologies help GOFRA Manufacturing Group to meet the highest quality standards.

We offer conventional corrugated packages and die-cut articles:

  • corrugated boxes;
  • corrugated cases;
  • corrugated trays;
  • accessories.

We  manufacture corrugated packages whatever complex the order is according to customer-specific dimensions and in the shortest time.
We are wholesalers of corrugated board and finished corrugated packages, hence, minimum shipment is 82 s.m.

Our specialists are happy to answer to all your questions and assist you in choosing the size of corrugated packaging and calculate costs of different configurations.

You can order corrugated packaging and boxes for:

  • cosmetics, perfumery, household chemicals;
  •  meat an fish products, raviolis;
  • distillery goods;
  • consumer goods and industry;
  • medicines, medical herbals;
  • macaroni and confectionery (biscuits, cakes, sweets, vermicelli, corn flakes, etc);
  • furniture, sanitary engineering and household appliances;
  • pizza of any size;
  • transportation of machinery, mechanisms and tools;any other products.

Advantages of corrugated packaging are in technologies we apply in corrugated board production
We offer a wide range of corrugated packaging for use in any spheres. GOFRA is modern production facilities with high level of automation and designed to manufacture millions of square meters per year. Corrugated board that we produce has quality certificates and it repeatedly proved its efficiency as packing material.

Corrugated board is practical packing material, it is easy to use, environment friendly and attractive in terms of production costs due to availability of materials used. Corrugated layers of different profile located and glued between liners ensures specific characteristics attributable to corrugated packaging: light weight and elasticity. High hardness of corrugated boxes compared to other types of carton boxes and shock-absorbing capacity guarantee perfect protection of goods packed.

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