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Manufacturing Facilities

High technology equipment installed at the Manufacturing Plant “GOFRA-DMITROV” is designed to produce a wide range of corrugated packaging.

Corrugated Board Manufacturing Facilities

The up-to-date corrugated board manufacturing line supplied by BHS (Germany) is installed and operated at our Plant. This line is designed to process raw material up to 2500 mm wide and produce single and double wall corrugated board ranging from 125x500 to 2500x4500 mm, and flutes “B”, “C”, “E”, “CB” and “CE”.
The maximum speed is 300 m/min.
The line sections are connected with control panels with touch displays for an operator to adjust any working parameter.

All sections of the line can be controlled from the central control panel.

Automated Corrugated Packaging Manufacturing Facilities

1. Automated in-liner Martin FFG-618, France, is designed to produce standard 4-flaps boxes ranging from 220x385 mm to 635x1880 mm with flexographic printing up to 4 colors. The in-liner production rate is 25000 boxes per hour. All in-liner functions are automated.

2. Automated in-liner Martin Midline -924, France, is designed to produce 4-flaps boxes ranging from 255x600 mm to 635x1880 mm with flexographic printing up to 3 colors and folding boxes with self-locking bottom.

3. Automated in-liner Curioni 2000-NT, Italy, is designed to produce corrugated boxes ranging from 210 x370 mm up to 700 x 1950 mm with 2 color printing.

4. Automated die-cutters Bobst SPO -1600 Vision, Switzerland, and Klett COBRA A-120-162, Germany, are designed to produce complex slotted boxes (interlocking boxes, trays and the like) by flat die-cutting and ranging from 600 x 400 to 1600 x 1200 mm.

5. Automated in-liner rotary die-cutter Martin DRO is designed to produce complex boxes ranging from 730 x 450 mm to 2890 x 1540 mm with printing up to 4 colors.

6. Flexographic printer Eurostar – 1224 for 4 color printing on corrugated blanks for further processing on rotary or die-cutters ranging from 300x685 to 1500x2400 mm.

Ancillary equipment

1. Semi-automated Cargil station to produce starch clay of different mixtures to be used with different types of corrugated board.

2. Packing line Moska, Germany, with bundle compression and strapping sections for strapping of pallets with finished goods with stretch film for subsequent transportation to our finished products storage area.

3. Automated Roller Conveyer Taiwan Endurance, Taiwan, to move corrugated blanks and finished products at all stages of production process.

4. Ink mixing station Storck to prepare flexographic inks of any colors and hues.

5. Up-to-date corrugated waste disposal system.

6. Up-to-date laboratory equipment to control quality of raw materials and finished products at all stages of manufacturing process.

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