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Solutions on packaging, protection, grouping, marking and promotion of consumer goods.
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Storage areas

GOFRA Manufacturing Group LLC has own storage areas for raw materials and finished goods located in the manufacturing building.


Our company monthly purchases about 5 to 6 thousand tons of paper. Our storage areas can accommodate two weeks stock of raw materials for production of corrugated board and can accept up to 3200 tons of raw materials at once.

Our company purchases raw materials from the following suppliers:

-         Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, OJSC

-         Bratsk Pulp and Containerboard Mill, Ilim Group, OJSC, affiliated branch in Bratsk

-         Kotlas Pulp and Paper Mill, Ilim Group, OJSC affiliated branch in Koryazhma

-         Mondi Business Paper Syktyvkar Mill, OJSC

-         Vyborgskaya Cellulose, OJSC

-         Permsky Karton, LLC

-         Sukhonsky Pulp and Paper Mill, LLC

-         Okulovskaya Paper Mill, LLC

Storage areas are divided into sectors by:

-         Suppliers;

-         Bleached liners;

-         Brown liners;

-         Flutings.

The own rail-way branch runs to the GOFRA raw material storage areas. Hence, three carriages can be unloaded simultaneously.

40 tons carriage is being unloaded at our raw material storage area within 40 minutes. A few hours are needed to load the storage areas in full. Operators work 24 hours a day.


Склад готовой продукции

Corrugated packaging made by our company goes to the finished goods storage area after being tested in the laboratory. All handling operations in the production and storage areas are automated.

Our storage areas can accommodate 1.5 millions square meters of finished goods. The improved planning and logistics management system has reduced storage time for corrugated packaging to 3 to 4 days. Ten loading docks allow to ship up to 500 square meters per day. Hence, we can service 50 to 60 trucks per day.

Regular customers are offered to store their finished products at our storage areas. All other corrugated packaging is shipped to other customers right away. Operators work 24 hours a day.

GOFRA storage facilities were commissioned short time before. All there is designed according to the up-to-date requirements for automation, hardware, software and operations management. The new complex “production-storage” is similar to those at German, Austrian, and Finnish companies. Temperature and humidity are continuously controlled at our storage areas. Flat level floors increase height of shelves. Motor trucks manipulations between the shelves are not obstructed. The storage areas are guarded by own security service. A goods access road leads directly to our storage areas. And outside there is enough space for trucks and cars parking and maneuvering.

Guaranteed supplies and strict adherence to delivery dates ensure our customers that quality corrugated packaging will always be available for their companies.


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