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GOFRA Manufacturing Group
Modern Corrugated Packaging

Solutions on packaging, protection, grouping, marking and promotion of consumer goods.

packaging types

Our Company manufacturers and sells 4-flaps corrugated boxes and complex slotted articles – trays, interior fitments: inserts, partitions and pads.

4-flaps corrugated box

Bottom, walls, lid and flaps can be made out of one sheet of board with side seam, or with interlapping flaps. Different corrugated board grades are used in boxes production: brown and bleached.

Короб из буроо гофрокартонаКороб из беленого гофрокартона
Brown corrugated boxesBleached corrugated boxes

We also offer printed corrugated boxes.

Гофрокороб с флексопечатьюГофрокороб с одноцветной печатью
One color printing
Короб из гфорокартона с флексопечатьюГофрокороб с двухцветной флексопечатью
Two color printing
Гофроящик с многоцветной печатьюГофроящик
Multi-color printing (bleached board)
Гофрокороб с флексопечатьюГофрокороб с флексопечатьюГофркоороба с многоцветной флексопечатью
Multi-color printing


Corrugated packaging is used for any products and articles.

Complex die-cut articles: corrugated trays, lock bottom containers, multipoint glued boxes and self-erecting boxes. Erection of folded corrugated boxes with fixed joints is fully automated. Our company produces corrugated boxes which can be used for packing of any products: trays with open or half-open tops, boxes with lids fold-out or removable, heavy duty boxes with interlapping flaps. Thanks to optimal structural design of folded boxes with special locks the former can be erected at the place of use. The self-erecting design is rather popular in packaging production (trays, boxes, show boxes or displays). Lock-bottom are used in corrugated containers designed for light weight articles.

Коробка для обувиКоробки для обуви из гофрокартона
Box for footwear with removable lidBox for footwear with fold-out lid

Complex slotted corrugated boxes

ГофролоткиЛотки из гофрокартонаГофролотки для детского питания
Corrugated box for meat productsCorrugated box for meat productsCorrugated box for baby food
Гофролоток без печатиГофролоткиГофрокороб для молочной продукции
Corrugated tray without printing (bleached board)Corrugated tray without printingCorrugated box for milk products
Гофрокороб для кондитерских изделийГофрокороб для кондитерских изделий
Corrugated box for confectioneryCorrugated box for confectionery
Гофрокоробки для почтыГофроящики для продуктов питанияУпаковка для светильников
Corrugated box for parcelsCorrugated box for foodCorrugated box for lamps

Displays or show boxes (to be stored in supermarkets)

Дисплей из гофрокартонаДисплей (сложная высечка)
4-flaps corrugated displayComplex slotted display

Other corrugated articles

ГофроящикиГофроящик многоуровневый
“Multi-level” corrugated boxes to be stored in supermarkets (for canned products)
Коробка для пиццыВкладыш для парфюмерииВкладыши из гофрокартона
Box for pizzaInserts for perfumeryInserts for canned products
Лоток для одеждыГофрокороб для медикаментовГофролоток для стаканчиков
Corrugated tray for clothesSuitcase for medicinesCorrugated tray for glasses
Файл-накопитель для журналовФайл-накопитель для журналовЛоток для паркетной доски
Folder for magazinesFolder for magazinesFolder for magazines

Each lot of corrugated boxes manufactured at our Company passes strict quality inspection and is accompanied with all required certificates.

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